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Iron Sign Your a Mom

Good morning everyone welcome to Wednesday hump day. Only two more work days to go until the weekend and freedom. I thought I would post something that will hopefully make you smile this morning. I have put together a list below, in no certain order, please read and enjoy then in the comments tell me how many items fit you and your household. Here it goes, ten signs that you are a mom:
1. Laundry baskets are like a bottomless pit. No matter how many loads of laundry are done on laundry day they are always full.
2. You spend all day cleaning and in a matter of 5 minutes after the kids come home it looks like a tornado ripped through the house making it look like you did nothing all day.
3. You are never lonely or bored in the bathroom because now you have an audience asking questions that cannot wait 2 minutes.
4. Your uterus becomes a homing device for everyone’s lost belongings in the house except your own.
5. You shower with the bathroom door open and poke your head out with each little noise you hear and yell “What are you doing?”. This becomes such habit you still twitch at noises even when you are alone.
6. You get more exercise at home than the gym by chasing down the little one, trying to clean up after them from room to room, 5,000 trips up the hall at bedtime for little requests and questions that cannot wait until morning. When morning comes it is another 5,000 trips to get them out of bed on time to catch the bus.
7. You repeat the same things everyday a 1,000 times over and over again until you think it would be easier to record them and play it on a loop throughout the house to save time and your sanity.
8. You get up a little earlier than the kids just so you can quickly down your breakfast which is comprised of a couple cups of coffee so you can prepare yourself for the morning chaos before school.
9. You go to Hell-mart in the dead of night for medicine for your baby that has been crying for the last few hours and you ran out of what you need. You go with unidentifiable spots on your nightclothes, hair is a mess, blood shot eyes, no make-up and you smell ripe after no shower for 2 days because baby cries louder if you try to put them down so you just keep pacing the floors and rocking them.
10. You are no longer known by your name you lose your old identity and become —–‘s mom.
I hope you enjoy and happy hump day!!!!

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Even Iron Mom Needs Maintence

I am so excited to be blogging again. I am just still getting back in the swing of things and posting stories. However I am going to be out of commission for hopefully less than a week. I am having a procedure done today and I have strict orders from the Dr, Hubby and daughter to take it easy and dont push myself  to get back into old routines. At least I have my wifi, laptop, android and netflix to keep me company.

So I am off to get everyone out of bed and get them going so I can be to the hospital before 7am for even more poking and proding. I hate feeling like a pin cushion.

With that being said I will be back on soon as I can with stories galore. I have a spit fire daughter that is hilarious at times. I have no filter from brain to mouth so I tend to have word vomit at times that makes for interesting times. According to my husband he loves when I have pain pills because I do and say the funniest stuff. Maybe that will be my first post when i can get back on here again.

See’ya soon!!!!