Twisted Ramblings From Iron Mom

Iron Clad Fan

I know I have not been posting since I started this blog, but I thought I would have recovered from surgery a lot faster. If you check my old page (Single Moms World) you will see I am really pretty regular with my postings. Thankfully I am on the mend now and ready to be more regular with my posts.

I hope everyone had a good Veterans day. I know it was a good one here for us.  My Knight, who is Army with one deployment under his belt, walked in the parade with my daughter this morning, making her day. Then he came home and hung out with me, our 2 dogs and Netflix for a very lazy day.  My Knight is an incredible man which you will see as you read more and more of my posts in the future.  For now I will give you a peek while I ramble through this post.

 I met my Knight in Shiny ACU’s four years ago and we knew it was meant to be early on.  My daughter instantly loved him right away as well. I sometimes wonder if she knew before me that we would get married. I didn’t have much of a social life and I never dated because I had issues of my own. Plus I needed to focus on raising my daughter alone not to mention making ends meet with one income. Needless to say The Fan (my daughter)  was over the moon when we got married and bragged to everyone she finally had a daddy all her own.

This brings me to our first Veteran’s Day here in Kansas at our first duty station.  We currently live off post and she goes to an off post school. When Veteran’s Day rolled around the teacher asked the class if anyone has family or friends that are in the military. The Fan’s hand shot into the air and could hardly sit still waiting to be called on. Finally her turn came around, she shot out of her chair with her chest puffed out with pride to announced that her daddy is a veterinarian and that made her a brat. I don’t know how the teacher didn’t burst out giggling right then and there. When she relayed it to me she was giggling and so was I, thankfully The Fan was not in the room while we were talking.

 Poor thing didn’t get to walk in the parade that first year for some reason that I have forgotten by now. However when the day came around last year My Knight was deployed and a friend of the family loaned me her husband for the morning to walk with The Fan.  She was very proud and happy she got to walk with my friend’s husband and My Knight was happy he had a fill in while deployed.

This year My Knight is home so he got to walk with The Fan this morning in the parade, she even got to help hold the banner for her school. For weeks we heard about the parade almost daily making sure her daddy was going to be able to walk with her.  I reassured her every night when I tucked her in that he will be there for sure. Today arrived and my Knight even got up a little extra early to cook breakfast for us.  I had to stay home out of the cold since I am getting over the stomach flu I caught on top of recovering.  The Fan was even happier when My Knight drove her to school so he could talk to her teacher. He wanted to find out the meeting place for the parade, meet her teacher and check in on The Fan’s progress in school. The Fan proudly walked him through the school hallways with her feet barely touching the floor.

My Knight got home after the parade telling me how good the Fan did carrying the banner with one hand and waving to people watching with the other. When the Fan got home from school she had to tell me every detail of course. She told me that My Knight even brought one of his patrol caps for her to wear during the parade. She told me how thrilled she was that My Knight walked with her and she got to show off her daddy. It meant a lot to her that he took time from his day off to walk and she thanked him repeatedly after school.

 After so many years of disappointment from her bio dad (aka The Donor, the douche or f*ckt@ard) having My Knight around has made her happy. She has him on such a high pedestal, it rises above the clouds.  It is scary how smart she is. She told me at bedtime one night that The Donor tries to buy her love, respect and trust with expensive presents and that is not what a real dad is suppose to do. She says My Knight is her real daddy because he earned her love, respect and trust. She loves him so much it is hard to put into words.  I was caught off guard when she told me this.  I mean come on what kid that young (then 9) says something like that and really understands what she is saying. I questioned her just a little bit to make sure she knew what she was saying and I asked if she heard someone else say that. She looked me right in the eye, serious as can be and said her heart told her. That was good enough for me. I wrapped her up in my arms for a huge hug unable to say anything for a couple moments. When I let go I kissed her good-night, tucked her in, checked her alarm and said I loved her one more time before leaving the room.  I felt like I was on cloud nine walking up the hall to tell My Knight what I was just told. He gave me a little smirk and said that she is a very smart little girl that knows way more than she lets on.  Then asked me if that reminds me of anyone else in this house that is like that. Before I could say anything he was half way up the hall headed to The Fan’s room.

Well I am going to wrap this up for now and I hope I didn’t bore anyone to death with my rambling. I didn’t intend to go on this long but it feels so good to be writing again. My Knight is loved more than he will ever realize. He stepped up marrying a divorced single mother with issues from the previous marriage and a little girl that had issues of her own.  I hope this and future posts will shed some light on why I call him My Knight.  Happy Veteran’s Day. Remember to hug and thank the special veteran in your life.