Twisted Ramblings From Iron Mom


I am getting ready to start that downhill slide from mid 30’s to 40. I have been through so many trials and tribulations I don’t know how I am sane. After an abusive first marriage, being a single mom for eight years, surviving the role of army wife and a near fatal car accident that I shouldn’t have walked away from but did. My daughter thinks because I survived the accident, that I really shouldnt have earlier this year while my husband was deployed but still was able to go back to being super mom (she has called me that since she was little). But since I now driver a Dodge Avenger (I have a major thing for iron man and the avengers) she has renamed me iron mom and it has stuck since the first of the year.

At my age and things I have gone through it is damaged the filter between my brain and mouth. There are days I dont even know what might fall out. I am straight shooter, tell it like it is, I have a major in bitchology, sarcastic and love to tease ppl around me. It depends on how they treat me wheather I comment back or make fun of them. I am an open book and if there is something some one needs to know ask I will answer I have nothing left to hide. Have fun and I hope you are entertained



  1. Yes, It is the best thing to do to throw away that filter. I’ve very very recently noticed how mistaken I am about that filter. For the sake of being polite and not to break the heart of the opposite side, I bury the real me in me and anwer insincerely. Consequently, soon enough with the negative energy I’m carrying because of lying, I burst out to either that person or an to an innocent one. I’ve decided to throw at least 50% off of that filter. (baby steps)
    Thank you for being transparent!!!

    • no problem. I am the same way if I bottle it up I explode but I also have word vomit that sometimes even surprises me because I didnt mean to say it out loud lol. Makes shopping with me interesting and fun. I have a lot of years of letting go of that filter and crap that happened in my past helped me get rid of it too. I am glad to meet you to. I met some wonderful people through my last blog and I still chat with them here and there on facebook. I have the two linked incase you ever get bored you can peek at my life before I met my hubby. Sorry it took so long to get back to you I ended up in the ER and surgery Friday. But I am back so I can work on my page.


      • I’m terribly sorry to hear that 😦
        I hope you will recover soon…
        I thought that your hands were full around the house with your responsibilities.
        It is a speacial feeling to meet true people in a virtual world. I definitely would like to read the bachelor you as a single Mom. You must have been through such complications.
        Thank you for finding the energy after all what you’ve been through and reply to me.
        Excitedly waiting to read also your new works 🙂
        Yelloz (Fourcatpaw)

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