Twisted Ramblings From Iron Mom


I am getting ready to start that downhill slide from mid 30’s to 40. I have been through so many trials and tribulations I don’t know how I am sane. After an abusive first marriage, being a single mom for eight years, surviving the role of army wife and a near fatal car accident that I shouldn’t have walked away from but did. My daughter thinks because I survived the accident, that I really shouldnt have earlier this year while my husband was deployed but still was able to go back to being super mom (she has called me that since she was little). But since I now driver a Dodge Avenger (I have a major thing for iron man and the avengers) she has renamed me iron mom and it has stuck since the first of the year.

At my age and things I have gone through it is damaged the filter between my brain and mouth. There are days I dont even know what might fall out. I am straight shooter, tell it like it is, I have a major in bitchology, sarcastic and love to tease ppl around me. It depends on how they treat me wheather I comment back or make fun of them. I am an open book and if there is something some one needs to know ask I will answer I have nothing left to hide. Have fun and I hope you are entertained

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Even Iron Mom Needs Maintence

I am so excited to be blogging again. I am just still getting back in the swing of things and posting stories. However I am going to be out of commission for hopefully less than a week. I am having a procedure done today and I have strict orders from the Dr, Hubby and daughter to take it easy and dont push myself  to get back into old routines. At least I have my wifi, laptop, android and netflix to keep me company.

So I am off to get everyone out of bed and get them going so I can be to the hospital before 7am for even more poking and proding. I hate feeling like a pin cushion.

With that being said I will be back on soon as I can with stories galore. I have a spit fire daughter that is hilarious at times. I have no filter from brain to mouth so I tend to have word vomit at times that makes for interesting times. According to my husband he loves when I have pain pills because I do and say the funniest stuff. Maybe that will be my first post when i can get back on here again.

See’ya soon!!!!

Twisted Ramblings From Iron Mom

Origins of an Iron Mom

Once a upon a time I was a single mom for over 8 years to a beautiful spit fire named Gracie that is now almost 12. Four years ago I met my knight in shiny ACU’S and became an Army wife, a position I am proud to hold. The last few years is the first time I actually got to be a S.A.H.M.  (Stay At Home Mom) instead of working 2 or 3 jobs in the summer and around the clock just to make ends meet for me and my daughter. Well during deployment I showed my strength and adaptability that my husband loves in me. My daughter has always called me super mom but got upgraded January 2013.
I dropped my two rescue dogs and daughter off with a friend so I could go run an errand. Not five minutes afterwards I got T-boned by a huge SUV that was speeding. Well my Dodge Caliber took flight and bounced off of one car flipped and came to rest on a Mustang. Some how no one else was hurt. I don’t remember the bumping but I remember the first responders yelling we have a live one here get the jaws and get over here now we need all hands. I couldn’t open my eyes or speak for a few more minutes. All I heard was them asking how I could be alive. Mommy powers kicked in and I managed to tell the MP’S (occurred on post) Andrew is deployed and I gave perfect directions to my friends house where Gracie was.
Let me tell you the jaws of life are nothing like they are on tv. I had hand cutting my favorite coat off of me and my sleeves to try and get an iv in me, 7 sticks later no luck. Then I had heavy stinky blankets thrown over me with no warning. they took my driver door off with the jaws and started breaking all my windows so they could get in and try to get me out. I was pinned in several different ways and took for ever to get out and into the ambulance.
My friend’s husband came and sat with me at the hospital. I had mild to moderate brain trauma, tore tissue in my knee, a whole down to the bone they stitched up and from hitting the airbag that came down on the driver side window I looked like I went nine rounds with Rocky. I faintly remember them finally getting an iv in my arm at the ER and the Dr. forcing orange juice down my throat with a straw. YUK I hate orange juice but couldnt verbalize it. Jason walked in right after that so I was not alone. I barely remember half the stay they just kept pumping me full of pain meds.
They finally released me to Jason because his wife is home 24-7 to watch me and he was a medic on the last 3 deployments. plus they lived 5 minutes from the hospital so I went home with them. His wife made sure I got up to eat, go to the bathroom, move my muscles a little, got me to all dr appts and made sure I had all meds on time. She was great letting all family members what was going on. She even got a hold of andrew in Afgahnistan to keep him updated. So I pretty much lived on their couch for a  little over 10 days heavily sedated.
Once the Dr started backing off the meds to get me moving more I found the more incredible pain in the left side of my chest. I couldn’t breathe and hardly move so I went back to the Dr again. Come to find out I had 3 broken ribs so I was given more pain meds. to this day no one, including the ER and first responders, can figure out how I survived.
Once I was able to move half decent I picked up my rental car from Enterprise, insurance paid for ten days. One of the guys over heard me asking my friend how I am going to buy a new car in ten days in the condition I was in.
Apparently the clerk listening to us talk passed  my number to the Enterprise sales office in Wichita. I got a call a couple days later from the sales manager asking what kind of car I am interested in. Once I gave him my list he called me back the next day offering me a car newer than my Caliber that was totalled and my payments barely went up. He even delivered the car to the rental office here in town. I met him there to sign papers and I drove off in a 2011 Dodge Avenger (they are a smaller Dodge challenger).
I went out to show off my car to my friends that took care of me and that is when I learned after the SUV threw me into the air the first car I landed on was an Avenger and left a little bit of damage and no injuries to the female driving. I just thought it was ironic that the car I bounced off of I ended up owning.
While me and my daughter were taking it for a ride she pointed out how much I love Iron Man and the Avengers. It came out of nowhere and I asked her what her  point was. She said I now drive the Avengers car so that makes me Iron Mom, especially surviving the accident like I did. So at that moment Iron Mom was created and the name stuck.
I am mostly healed except for a couple places that are refusing to quit hurting, but I would rather deal with that than what could have happened. So there you go the reason I am Iron Mom.ImageSo there you go the reason I am Iron Mom.
I will be posting a lot lighter and happier posts after this but wanted to get that out there. I hope you enjoy my blog. I missed writing in my previous blog so much, but Single Mom World no longer applies so here is my new one. My old blog is still up if you would like to take a gander it is at
Enjoy readers and please keep coming back often!!!!